Nesting… Is that a reality for foster parents too?

Earlier in the week we received the call we’ve been waiting for.  The voice on the line asked, “Are you still an available foster home?  We have a newborn baby boy that needs to be picked up from the hospital.” I was excited and nervous all at once, and eventually got out the words to say – “yes, we are available.” That evening I found myself moving from room to room… putting away winter gloves, hats and boots, organizing our youngest daughter’s closet, collecting items for goodwill, changing sheets, cleaning, sorting infant baby clothes – searching for the 0-3 month size, washing clothes in baby soap, and more. I guess it’s true!  Biological child or foster child… nesting is a reality for moms.  Later that night, once I sat down and actually processed the reality of having a little baby in our home soon… anxiety set in.  My husband and I talked about the feelings and thoughts I was wrestling with.  I cried for a good amount of time as I tried to explain my anxiousness, fear, and excitement.  He prayed over me, over our family and over this sweet little boy and his birth mom.  God is good, faithful and always present.  One thing was certain to us, fostering was a desire God set on our hearts years ago, and if He brought us to this, He will bring us through this.

The baby that will soon share our home has been in the NICU for several days but will join our family tomorrow.  I have visited each day this week to hold and feed him, and today my husband and daughters were able to meet him for the first time.  Everyone was overwhelmed by this sweet little bundle of joy weighing just under six pounds.  Things will certainly be different in our home tomorrow but we couldn’t be more blessed by this opportunity.

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