Learning to hear His voice above the noise

Our world has been shaken... and it's taking each of us in the mix. We are busier than we've ever been, filling our days with everything of the world. The result is busyness, stress, and a constant battle to keep up or fit in. Our relationships are at risk, our health is suffering, and we leave little time for what means most to us in life. For many of us, we've put God on a shelf and seek Him simply out of desperation or need.
Beginning to live our lives with clarity, purpose and renewed passion for the things that really matter are crucial. Each of us has unique gifts that God has given us. It's time we discover what we were made for and utilize these gifts.

Finding balance in your life

To create space to hear His voice we must learn to not over-pack our lives, but seek to find balance. This is a journey, not a destination. We will never be perfectly balanced this side of Heaven, nor do we need to be to hear His voice and live out His purpose for our life. Yet, when our lives become better balanced we are able to more clearly hear His voice above the noise of the world's.

5 key elements to a balanced life

Over the past 20+ years helping clients as a Social Worker and Nutrition Coach - I have discovered that by keeping 5 things in balance, ones' life had a sense of peace and purpose.
The 5 key elements to a balanced life are: Faith, Family, Finances, Fun and Health.