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About me

From an early age, I desired to be a "helper suitable for Him," (Genesis 2:18) and married the love of my life in the year 2000.  I adore him, and cherish the two daughters we share.  I am a busy mom, but first a committed spouse.  Some of my favorite things to do with my family are vacation, camp and dine out.  I also enjoy playing tennis, riding my bike, scrapbooking, writing, bargain-shopping and entertaining.  Our family has also been blessed with the opportunity to serve others in our church community through various ministries.  And in recent months have become a licensed foster home.
Both my undergraduate and graduate degrees are in Social Work. I practiced in this field for ten years prior to becoming a mom and staying home to raise our daughters.  I later returned to school to receive my certification as a Nutrition Coach.  Today, I am a licensed (LGSW) social worker in the State of Minnesota.
My strong faith in Christ helps me to find purpose in the routine of everyday living.  I am a lover of the Lord with a big heart for serving others.  I believe in living life to the fullest - using my unique gifts to bless others.  Psalm 90:12 encourages us to "number our days and recognize how few they are; help us to spend them as we should."